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29 Aralık 2009 Salı

I had been waiting for you..

Sometimes you recognize yourself in someone else's eyes.When you find that person do not have any open doors to run away and do not let him too.Live happilly ever after till the end.When the end comes, you will know, you will feel the cold.At the end all the promises both you and him made,all the jokes both you and him laugh,all the fights make both you and him cry have no meaning anymore.When there is hope in the middle of the room always be the pain too.Do not use hopefull sentences and do not let him do.There is nothing good about goodbye but when the end comes just say 'goodbye'.If its real that you shared, he will come back to you
and when he comes back to you, you can say with tears running down your face and a big smile on your lips
'I had been waiting for you' ..

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